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Kangaroo braiding options

Kangaroo show leads can be made with 4, 6, 8 or 12 laces. Each of the laces can be same or different colors.

There are many color combinations and the lead can look completely different, depending on what colors are chosen and how they are braided.

Here are examples of different lacing styles that you can choose from, to help you pick the right style for your custom lead.

Don’t hesitate to send email or Facebook PM to ask questions, if you need help choosing the best combination!

4-braided lead with 1 color

This is the easiest choice. Just pick one favorite color and the lead is simple and elegant.

Saddle Tan

4-braided lead with 2 colors

Adding another color brings several different options

3 Black & 1 Silver
3 Purple & 1 Gold
2 Sky Blue & 2 Pewter
2 White & 2 Silver
2 Sky Blue & 2 Lime Green

4-braided with 3 colors

3 colors can be very subtle or very striking, depending on how different colors you choose.

2 Saddle Tan, 1 Gold & 1 Bronze
2 Burgundy, 1 Hot Pink & 1 Gold
2 White, 1 Natural & 1 Rose Gold
2 Jacaranda, 1 Aqua & 1 Black
2 Black, 1 Hot Pink & 1 Silver
2 Aqua, 1 Jade Green & 1 Bronze

4-braided with 4 colors

Chocolate, Whiskey, Light Brown & Copper
Black, Metallic Purple, Silver & Copper

6-braided with 2 colors

4 Black & 2 Metallic Pink
4 Black & 2 Pewter

More images of braiding options coming soon…

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How to choose a show lead

Choosing a right show lead is not always easy. There are different styles of leads to fit different types of dogs and different styles of handling. 

slip lead

Slip lead

Most common lead type is slip lead with slip collar or snake collar. It is minimalistic, easy to put on and off and when fit properly, dog can be easily controlled.

However, you must train your dog so he won’t choke on the lead as the collar can easily tighten up too much.

Collar size should be dog’s neck plus 5-10cm to easily put on. You can also measure your dog’s head around the widest part (forehead/ears) to make sure the slip collar will fit. 

Martingale lead

Martingale lead is another type of show lead, and the lead has a collar part with sliding “martingale” loop. Collar should be the same size as the dog’s neck behind ears or slightly smaller to prevent dog slipping from the collar.

Martingale opens up to 7,5-10cm with a chain part, to allow put the collar on or drop the collar downon the lower neck. If you need more opening, choose the slip collar instead.

 Adjustable lead

Adjustable collars come in two styles, and allow you to fit the lead to many sizes of dogs. The lead won’t choke the dog and will be comfortable to use.

While on, the collar will stay at the chosen size.